“The collection will attract long time fans, and certainly acquire new ones along the way. It is a beautiful thing that, to truly be appreciated must be read in a few sittings. The photos tell such stories, and it is a privilege to observe such beautiful pieces of Saint Etienne history. For those that tend to flip through books/magazines and only scour through the lines, please take your time with this collection. The notes and annotations need to be read and for the photos to be fully understood and appreciated.” Louder Than War


“From their origins in 1990 to their recent album Words and Music, each era of the band is painstakingly captured in this collection of impressive snaps. …Turn a few pages and it’s quickly evident that Saint Etienne is a band that loves to pose. Even from their early days, the combination of a photogenic group and top London photographers created some wonderful results – whether rocking it live on stage or lounging in an obscure cityscape.” London in Stereo


“To mark their 25 year anniversary, the band have recently released a collection of rare and unseen photos from their career, featuring the trio in various stages throughout their quarter-century in music. Like the band’s music, the images of the band are unmistakably Saint Etienne and inherently British. From soggy fields (shooting the front cover of their debut album, Foxbase Alpha) to the British seaside, the book is a visual reminder of why Saint Etienne were, and remain, a hugely important British band.
And yes, we still fancy Sarah Cracknell.” Gigwise





“This is an outstanding and enthralling read. It will shock and cause debate but it shows heart. It will invoke debate and will make the reader look at his/her own life and the people that make it shine.” Louder Than War, Simon Tucker


“The fine people at First Third Books have put together a visceral, soul searching, life-spanning book of portraiture to help us better understand the meaning of Gen’s life and, in turn, help us to examine the banality of our own.” Crack Magazine


“First Third’s publications are slick, beautiful, heavy objects that look rather fetching on a coffee table. I must say that it’s quite a superb volume, offering a highly intimate glimpse into the public and private life of one of the most uncompromising artists of the past one hundred years, if not ever.” Dangerous Minds


“Uncomfortably intimate images in a fascinating monograph.  Not easy to swallow at times, but an insightful, beautifully presented work on an undeniably important artist.” We Heart


“Indeed, both of the author’s envelope-pushing sonic projects –  notorious industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle and cult psychedelic/acid house collective Psychic TV – are captured here in their iconic glory by respected rock photographers including Sheila Rock and Derek Ridgers.” Record Collector




“Sheila Rock’s PUNK+ book presents a blistering 1976-80 photo-hoard! The striking and fascinating photo-book PUNK+ collects almost 200 images of groups including The Subway Sect, Eater, Buzzcocks, The Clash and the Sex Pistols, plus documentation of the rapidly changing fashions of the late ‘70’s. She estimates 90 per cent of the shots have never been seen, and that 85 per cent were self-motivated experiments rather than work commissions.   Those enthralled by shifts in vintage youth styles will also delight in the images of unselfconscious punks, such as the young Jam fans who mixed the Weller look with the safety-pin aesthetic.”   Mojo Magazine

“Legendary punk photographer Sheila Rock has pulled all her best shots … featuring anecdotes and unique insights into a dawning movement…”  NME


“(Sheila Rock’s) conversations with luminaries such as Chrissie Hynde, Tony James, Don Letts, Jeanette Lee, Glen Matlock, Chris Salewicz, Jon Savage, Steven Severin, Paul Simonon, Jah Wobble and more, provide an illuminating commentary on the punk phenomenon.   Some of the shots are truly breath-taking, a slice of time frozen forever from an era never to be repeated.”   London Life


“Punk+ is a photo book with a difference, a collection of long-neglected images she discovered in her shed, plus conversation with Savage, Letts, and other creative contemporaries about the influential era. Deeply embedded but slightly removed, Rock provided a unique insight into the era’s sounds, styles and celebrities, from the “clever and talented” John Lydon to the “always taciturn but extremely photogenic” Paul Weller.”
The Clash Magazine


“An illuminating commentary on this most explosive of movements.  Our verdict: She shoots, she scores.”   The Crack (front cover)


“Punk+ is a collection of photos that mark the punk era, including life at Vivienne Westwood’s Shop SEX”   (with an exclusive 5 page preview of Sheila’s pictures in the Gallery feature section)   Marie Claire UK


“But for American Sheila Rock, who knew those guys (Richard Hell and the New York Dolls) first and then moved to London, “that anarchic showing off, that dandy thing, the street style, it’s very British. American is famous for the Gap. Britain is famous for punk”. (Extract from feature article Pretty in Punk: How the Street Stormed the Catwalk)   Vogue UK


“This independently-produced limited edition book presents a fresh view of the punk movement through the lens of renowned photographer Sheila Rock.”   Beige Magazine


“This book is a great photographic record of a major shift in British street fashion.”
Paul Simonon (The Clash)


“First Third Books, who did a wonderful job with the pricey but sexy book on Felt, have announced a new title. Punk+ is a collection of the wonderful work of long time music photographer Sheila Rock.”
World in a Mess


 “Snapper Sheila Rock is opening up her personal archives to reveal intimate and candid shots of notorious late -1970s bands including the Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, and Subway Sect. One of the most startling images shows Glen Matlock giggling as he holds aloft a smiling Sid Vicious, who acrimoniously replaced him as bassist in the Sex Pistols just months before the photo was taken.”   Contact Music (Australia)


“Almost 200 unseen photographs documenting the heyday of the British punk movement and featuring icons including Sid Vicious and The Clash…”   3 News (New Zealand)


“Major YAY alert! “   Ribbon Around a Bomb


“I don’t think the limited pressing will last the entire month as it sounds rather special…”   The Clash Blog


“An intimate look at a particularly fertile time for British music, courtesy of one of the era’s most important photographers.”   Dummy Magazine


“So which book would you consider (to be the definite book on Punk)? LTW boss John Robb pondered this question back in November 2011 when he compiled a ‘Top 20 books about Punk Rock’ listing – however with the forthcoming release of Sheila Rock’s photographic book ‘PUNK+’ he may well need to re-visit his selection.”   Louder Than War


Also reviewed in:


Alt Sounds, Critical Mob, London in Stereo, With Guitars, Circuit Sweet, Music News, Sonic Shocks, Yahoo News (Australia) … 


Selection of reviews for Felt: The Book


“Fans of seminal UK indie group Felt will not want to miss this gorgeous, limited edition book that documents the band’s ten-album, ten-single, ten-year career via a vast archive of never-before-seen photographs, gig posters, and assorted ephemera. It’s a stunning 176-page volume presented in a lovely hardback, clothbound embossed cover, with a full illustrated discography, limited to just 1,000 copies for the world, each one individually autographed by Lawrence himself.”   Mikey IQ Jones, Other Music, New York


“Telling the story of Felt, the ultimate eighties cult band, through an exquisitely produced and limited edition book of photography feels perfectly apt.”   The Stool Pigeon


“This book looks beautiful, and has 140 rare photographs … reflecting the beautiful music that Felt made. Lawrence is obsessive about pop and that translates into a compulsive book about one of the best non-pop stars of all. Pop narcissists should start here.”


“When music fans are empowered to choose which books they want to see published, they can make bold moves no mainstream publisher would have dared…Lawrence’s attention to visual detail was painstaking to say the least (a rumour persists that he sacked a drummer for having curly hair), which makes Felt ideal candidates for this kind of sumptuous treatment.  You could argue the music industry might learn something from this approach. These books feel different: they are nostalgic one-offs, initiated by fans. Looking at the results, I’m glad somebody found a way to make them happen.”   Alexis Petridis,
The Guardian